what does a Payday Loan Online ?


  1. Payday Loan: Available If Payday Can’t Wait

The legal process can cost lots of money and put financial strains on those involved. Advance Cost & Settlement Funding (ACSF), and its affiliates, will advance cash to individuals with worthy lawsuits to help pay for the necessities of life while their case progresses. Our cash advances are not loans. If there is no recovery you still keep the money and the advance does not have to be repaid. Plaintiffs' personal injury lawsuits, be they medical malpractice, slip and fall, auto accident, product liability, industrial and more, are eligible for our services. There is no credit check and there are no monthly payments. Cash advances are available from $1,000.00 to $25,000.00.

It Is Available During Working Days

Statistics show that the single most common reason plaintiffs settle their claims for less than the claims are worth, is a lack of money for living expenses. Most insurance companies know this and take advantage of the circumstances by dragging out the settlement process for years. Even though there are billions paid annually in personal injury cases, many claimants who have legitimate claims are forced to accept minimal settlements because of pressing personal financial needs.

It Is Available During Weekends

ACSF, or an affiliate, will provide non-recourse interim funding to the claimant, who has immediate cash needs. By providing our service, we allow the attorney adequate time to negotiate the best possible settlement of the case, getting the maximum for you.

As we all know, insurance companies use delaying tactics to wear down injured litigants in order to settle cases at a value much lower than the case is worth. ACSF or an affiliate can level the playing field by providing ready cash for those car payments, utility bills, etc. and thus make it possible for you to achieve in settlement what the case is really worth, and not a penny less. Insurance companies don't like this, but you will.

Rest assured, there are few places where an individual can receive an advance of money against prejudgment lawsuits, make no payments, and have everything forgiven if the case does not result in a recovery - and all with no up front fees, or credit checks. In other words, if you lose the case and get no money, then the money advanced by ACSF is FREE and ACSF is owed nothing.

  1. Payday Loan: Something You Can Use for Any Need

PURCHASE OF STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS/STREAMS OF INCOME Have you settled your case for payments over an extended period of time and find that you need the cash now? ACSF, and its affiliates, will purchase your structured settlement and provide you with the immediate cash you need. Call, toll free, 1.866.379.9590 for a free quote.

You Can Use It For Household Needs

Since the proceeds of the loan are not restricted, you can use the cash from payday loan for your household needs. This type of need come in a variety of forms. It can be in the form of utility expenses. It can be in the form of food expenses. It can come in the form of an immediate repair that is crucial to keep the house in order. The good thing is that the cash from the loan can be channeled directly to expenses to keep the house in good order. This is one reason why this type of loan has helped a lot of people.

You Can Use It For Children’s Needs

If you happen to have kids, their needs are always on an on-going basis. They may need this or that during the weekend. Since payday may be far off, the best source of funds can be payday loan. They are easy to apply and easy to get. In order not to be caught surprised, it may be good for you to anticipate your children’s need for the week. If you discover that your cash may be short, you can immediately apply for a loan for the purpose. It is better to anticipate than to be caught unaware.

You Can Use It For Your Personal Needs

As a former trial lawyer specializing in personal injury cases and the founder of ACSF, David H. Trushel understands of the plight of financially strapped Plaintiffs. As a result of that understanding, upon his retirement from the active practice of law, he founded ACSF in order to provide ready cash, on a non recourse basis, to individuals with cash needs, so that they could continue to pay their bills during the lengthy litigation process and so that their attorneys would have the opportunity to negotiate the best settlement possible, or to go to verdict, for their clients, rather than having to take the defendant's "first offer" because of the desperate financial straights of their client.

Cash needs will always be in the picture whether you are a single individual or you have a family. The important thing to note is that you need to have a source of immediate cash whenever such a need arises. The fastest way to secure cash is through payday loan. If you are a regular customer, the filing, approval and release if just so fast, you can have your cash in a matter of minutes.